US CHIPS Act: Department of Commerce Releases Implementation Strategy for $50 Billion Investments

The US Department of Commerce on Tuesday announced the release of its implementation stategy for the $50 billion (roughly Rs. 3,99,000 crore) CHIPS (Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors) Act signed into law by US President Joe Biden last month. The bipartisan bill is designed to subsidise the cost of manufacturing chips in the US, as the … Read more

US President Joe Biden Signs Landmark CHIPS Bill to Boost Semiconductor Manufacturing, Competition With China

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a landmark bill to provide $52.7 billion (roughly Rs. 4,19,400 crore) in subsidies for US semiconductor production and research and to boost efforts to make the US more competitive with China’s science and technology efforts. “The future is going to be made in America,” Biden said, calling the measure “a once-in-a-generation … Read more