US President Joe Biden Signs Order for Implementation of CHIPS Act, Forms Council for Policy Development

US President Joe Biden signed an order to implement the 2022 CHIPS Act on Thursday. The executive order will ensure subsidy for manufacturing semiconductor chips in the US. The US government’s implementation plan worth $52.7 billion (nearly Rs. 4,21,000 crore) aims at encouraging chip manufacturing and research in the country. The bill is expected to … Read more

China Claims US CHIPS And Science Act Will Disrupt International Trade, Distort Global Semiconductor Supply Chains

China on Wednesday criticized a US law to encourage processor chip production in the United States and reduce reliance on Asian suppliers as a threat to trade and an attack on Chinese business. The law signed this week by President Joe Biden promises $52 billion (roughly Rs. 4,11,300 crore) in grants and other aid to investors in US chip factories. … Read more

US President Joe Biden Signs Landmark CHIPS Bill to Boost Semiconductor Manufacturing, Competition With China

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a landmark bill to provide $52.7 billion (roughly Rs. 4,19,400 crore) in subsidies for US semiconductor production and research and to boost efforts to make the US more competitive with China’s science and technology efforts. “The future is going to be made in America,” Biden said, calling the measure “a once-in-a-generation … Read more

CHIPS Act Passed by US Senate to Boost Domestic Chip Manufacturing, Compete With China

The US Senate on Wednesday passed sweeping legislation to subsidise the domestic semiconductor industry, hoping to boost companies as they compete with China and alleviate a persistent shortage that has affected everything from cars, weapons, washing machines and video games. The House of Representatives plans to vote on Thursday on the long-awaited bill after the … Read more