HMD Connect Is a Global Data SIM Card From Nokia Phone Maker That Works in 120 Countries

HMD Global unveiled a slew of Nokia-branded smartphones and smart feature phone at its March 19 online-only event. But aside from phones, there was another rather interesting product that went official – the HMD Connect global data SIM card. The HMD Connect SIM will give users up to 1GB of data with a validity of 14 days, but users always have the option to add more in case they run out of their quota. The best part is that HMD Connect will work in 120 countries without a hitch and no extra charges on top.

HMD Connect starter kit price and availability

The HMD Connect global data SIM starter kit is priced at EUR 19.95 (roughly Rs. 1,600) and will include up to 1GB of data for 14 days. However, if you plan to purchase two starter kits, you’ll only have to pay EUR 10 (roughly Rs. 800) for the second starter kit. You can order the HMD Connect SIM starter kit from the official HMD Connect website, and once the order is placed, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Shipments will start on March 30. However, India is not in the list of countries (in the drop-down menu) where the HMD Connect SIM card can currently be delivered, even though the SIM will work in India. Thankfully, HMD Global has promised that it will soon add more countries to locations where the HMD Connect starter kit can be delivered.

hmd connect HMD connect

HMD Connect global data SIM card can be activated with the companion app


HMD Connect data price  

Coming to the important part, HMD Global has set a uniform price of EUR 9.95 (roughly Rs. 800) for its global data pack that works in 120 countries. However, the amount of data you get for that price depends on the country you are planning to visit. The countries have been divided into three zones depending on the amount of data you get. Zone 1 gets you 1GB of data for EUR 9.95 (roughly Rs. 800), while Zone 2 reduces that number to half at 500MB. In Zone 3, you’ll get 250MB of data. In case you are wondering, India falls in Zone 2.

But do keep in mind that each recharge is only valid for a period of 14 days. And in case you are running out of data, you have to pay another EUR 5 (roughly Rs. 400) to get up to 1GB of additional data depending on your location. However, the surplus data recharge won’t extend the 14 day validity period.

Once you get your hands on the HMD Connect starter kit, it can be enabled using the eponymous HMD Connect app that is now available on the Play Store. The app will let you keep a tab on data usage as well.

Why HMD Connect?

The main premise of HMD Connect global data SIM card is to help users avoid the hassle of buying a local SIM every time they visit another country, or pay exorbitant international roaming charges. And since apps such as WhatsApp now offer the facility of voice and video calls, you don’t have to worry about the data-only nature of the HMD Connect SIM kit.

We reached out to HMD Global India regarding the availability of HMD Connect starter kit in India, and they’ve promised to share more details in the coming days. The story will be updated with relevant details once we hear back.

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