Read our 7 Tips on How to Play Roulette Like Pro

Online roulette is a tremendously popular pastime. As such, there are many players out there who constantly ask themselves – how can we win more? Well, whether you are playing or French Roulette, the same core principles apply to make your game better. Players who are looking to boost their gameplay will do well … Read more

Have aliens visited Earth? US Congress does not rule it out

The United States Congress recently held a hearing in the US government pertaining to “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs). The last investigation of this kind happened more than 50 years ago, as part of a US Air Force investigation called Project Blue Book, which investigated reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (note the change in name). … Read more

The Military Analysts and the Negative Coverage of the War, by Rolo Slavskiy

I’ve written about the military people in Russia before, but it’s worth bringing up again. There are, or rather, there were nationalist political groups in Russian politics, but they were either assimilated, like Dmitri Rogozin’s “Rodina” party, which basically faded into irrelevance once Rogozin himself was offered a position in the government, or they folded … Read more

The metaverse could lead to an urban exodus

Several companies, including Apple and Microsoft, are betting that the world of tomorrow will, at least in part, be carried out in the metaverse. To this end, Microsoft recently acquired the video game giant Activision Blizzard for US $ 68.7 billion. As more of our daily activities take place online, we believe it is time … Read more

Lye-based hair relaxers: Majority of Black British women ‘have had damaging side effects’ finds major poll

Two thirds of Black British women have experienced painful side effects – including burnt scalps and hair loss – from using hair relaxers, new research has revealed. A study of 1,024 Black British women aged 25-44, conducted by feminist group Level Up and Black hair care company Treasure Tress, found that over 95 per cent … Read more