Hey Fellas
I’m talking to you, you and you too
You guys know who I’m talking to
You’d better
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Yeah, yo, yeah, yo

[Verse 1]
Hip hop, bandit
Thick rope chains and some Stan Smiths
Forty bricks flying through Kansas
Not only do we take money man we take chances
Cigarette smoke in a room full of Cancers
Alex Trebek on [?] with all the answers
Triangular, rectangular
Twist you in a knot, bend you outta shape, then untangle ya
Bouncing off waves in Cabo
Waking up the dead but crust stuck in they eyes, yo
North Pole around my neck like Antarctica
Two forties [?] harmonicas
Rappers [?] for the cut, I’ll line ’em up
Fresh dope the boy is mine, like Monica
Front, I take off more than half of your Yarmulke
[?] giving in you would think it was Hanukkah
Tanning off the Gulf of Mexico
Pan-seared Salmon steaks and mixed vegetables

Donald Duck Gucci pajamas
Four hundred thousand the cubes is all diamonds
When in a robe I’m all on my pulp shit
Don’t run to your old love crib, when the smoke hit
I’ll have you cash app me a crib nigga
The most high take one of your ribs nigga
Soul, you got it

[Verse 2]
Cyclops mobster, pyrex pots
JFK killer in the window with a direct shot
I wanna see which [?] could dance the best
Smoother than dove but I bubble like zest
[?] day game in a minute, [?] blatantly
Mingle with the cons and the killers, they relate to me
Swear to tell a truth, that’s faithfully
Married to the game, but I don’t know where it’s taking me
Your soul will get lost in a [?]
Can’t get it back until I finish these rhymes off
f*ck you say your word is bond for?
Spongebob niggas I feel like blowing your arms off


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Songwriter(s): Ghostface Killah

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