Realest to ever grace the mic
It’s the changing of the tide
It’s the rise
Of immaculate dope cats
That spit like a spazz
And showcase the gangsta that’s inside
Of him
Slim reaper
Kim Jong Un beater
Realest to ever grace the mic
Sound that’s ahead of its time
No one in this game that’s realer

Playoff performances
His contemporaries
Getting torched again
Elimination game at hand
They can nevеr knock me off on my home turf and land
I don’t think cats understand
Indеpendent artist doing bigger
Than the machine made careers and products
The realness is what fuels my brand
They hated me before
But right now they just applauded
Promote the most high Eloim
Dismantle the foolery
Rarely ever to disappoint
Never too proud to do some tutoring
Cause I learned from the all time greats
That’s how I became an all time great

Plenty of cats that talk the talk
But they belong with the all time lames
If it’s a game
I’m running it with a respectable name
Bars for days
Bars for years
Bars for sad boi hours
Bars for moments when it’s time for cheers
I shed tears
Now I shed light onto the situation
Of the new generation
That brings reformation
And so much more
The culmination
Which leads to responses like
Goodness gracious, good lawd
GOAT to many
Came a long way from being Kind Kenny
Been heading
To Utopia
Whether I’m in the States or in Korea
And when God said, “Don’t let the trivial things worry ya”
I didn’t get it back then
But I get it now
Blooming like I’m booming
Like I’m a demihuman
Can supply both the boom Shaka laka
And the boom chica wah waoh~

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