I think I’m in despair
The wind is in the trees
Basically, just waiting for something to come along and eat me

Is this future’s gate?
Where my dreams retreat?
And all my memories are just memories of memories?

And a-folded in a dream
Pitch-black and glowing blue
A raven saying, ‘I know a way that I can help you’
Oh-oh, I stared into his eyes
I saw my pale last days
Said, ‘What you can’t escape, you gotta embrace’
Ah-oh, I know a way to get back
This don’t have to end
A way to get back
And haunt them. Haunt them. Haunt them

Then he wished me plain

As he flew away
Said I’d see him coming on that pale last day
And he wished me plain
Ordinary death
Said he’d be back after I escaped it, oh
I’ve seen how they are
How they’d all sell their souls
In little bits and pieces, til they get old
They don’t make a dent
In indifference
We’ll haunt them. Haunt them. Haunt them.

But I want to go back
If this is the end
I want to go back
Not to ‘haunt them, haunt them, haunt them’

Not to haunt them, haunt them
Not to haunt them, haunt, haunt
Haunt them, haunt them

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Songwriter(s): Kevin Drew, Gord Downie
Record Label(s): 2016 Wiener Art Inc Under exclusive license to Arts & Crafts Productions Inc
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