[Intro: Method Man]
Meth Lab 3
Let’s go

[Verse 1]
Pick my city up from the giddy up
New ? up just like the metro transit my city bus
?, since a young city buck been pretty plus
Sex in the city with pretty lady, yeah pretty much
But all that pretty ain’t really us
What’s really up, and what is trustworthy if you ain’t worthy to really trust
This hooks to drop em, this uppercut is to lift em up
I pop and that’s apparent now call his parents to pick him up
What’s all this switching up, changing faces and nip tucks
You wanted all the juice than you been shook
It’s Meth and I ain’t changed since Big’s what
I’m more like Heavy D, Mr. big stuff
Before they had injections for big butts
I’m big clutch, pocket full of Giannis that’s big bucks
No cappin to these rappers I’m big bro
Been tryna fight the power like big Chuck
I’m tryna tell these cowards they get ?
For tryna rush hours like Chris Tuck
[Bridge: Iron Mic]
What if Big made it back to NY from Cali? (What if?)
What if Martin and Malcolm linked up for a rally (Bang)
What if Pop Smoke and his folk didn’t drop the Addy (Damn)

Well I guess we’ll never know so we still blow when the ? (go)

[Verse 2: Method Man]
I said what I said and I said what I mean
F that, period, bed look like a crime scene
Too many red-eye flights, I need some Visine
Your queen got a Pro-meth habit I call her Rah Ali
She not a side thing
Like Coretta, she like King
And King run the palace
I’m not a savage, that’s Viking
Striking, Woods in my backpack, I’m high, king
Spiking these crutches, feel like I’m doing the right thing
This love and hip-hop but y’all just here for the fight scenes
I scream whatever by charge him extra for ice cream
Bong, no Cheech and Chong just a ? of nice dreams
My time mean money like Audemars and Breitling
You pay the cost but don’t even know what the price mean
Go harder for the limelight, don’t even know if the light green
Red light, beam this ain’t hard as it might seem
But it’s harder than rappers tryna fit in them tight jeans
[Outro: Iron Mic and Method Man]
Meth lab
It’s the last two minutes
You give us two minutes (don’t at me)
And we’ll give you the world, the world, the world—

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Songwriter(s): Iron Mic, Method Man

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