(FBeat crazy, crazy, crazy)
Nigga, F-Beat flexin’ pull that choppa clear a nigga section
(FBeat producing all the heat)

Trials and tribulations of a real nigga
Way before Gucci it was Hilfiger
Baby extra out of pocket, what’s the deal with it
If you pull it better pop it, let’s be real nigga
[?] going to kill nigga
Better lay some cleats up in this field nigga
If you going to get a bag move up the way
It’s jealousy be all around when you gettin’ cake
Gotta keep circle small like a dot nigga
Out here ridin’ hella dick, you a thot nigga
Every time you see us out, we got pops with us
I bе going school shoppin’ but we knock nigga
Ain’t no damn thing change but the guap nigga
Wе turn a tough guy to a fox victim
He just touched a first hunnid, put that shit up
You at the crib with that bitch when she hit up
Every time a nigga fall, I’ma get up
Every time a nigga call, she pick up
When she suck a nigga balls get my dick up
You told baby go swallow and then she hick up
I’ma smooth operator, ain’t no hick ups
I f*cked that bitch and got baby by her big [?]
Everything I got the latest I be dripped up

Blicked up, [?]
I don’t do sub tweeting, what the word is
I don’t pillow talk, speak down without no verdicts
Let a nigga go and speak on brody it’s a service
I don’t know yo bitch but she know a nigga
Front row every show, tryna blow a nigga
I ain’t no bitch boy but I hoe a nigga
He ain’t never seen a dead body, we show a nigga
It get tricky on them late nights
You gon’ lose your damn life, tryna think twice
Praying everyday cause the life we living ain’t right
Pull it out my pants told lil baby, “What it taste like?”
Chanel, Gucci, Burberry or the Louie
I just sprayed some number 9 and counted up a dime
We just got a pint, f*ck selling boy we pouring lines
Baby girl we falling off if you don’t follow the line
Listen we turn a house party to a [?]
Flipped them and playing by no chicken, I need all of mines
Ask a bitch about me, only thing I see is dollar signs
Fenix Flexin Vol. 2, On my mama nigga
Any nigga got a problem we solve it
And we ridin’ with them Glocks no revolvers
Aye, bitch
(FBeat crazy, crazy, crazy)
(FBeat producing all the heat)

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Songwriter(s): FBeat Productions, Fenix Flexin

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