Yes yes
Spooky out
Happy Halloween, yah
Congratulations to Jay-Z
In the Hall of Fame, ha
Boo, spooky nigga
Yeah, uh-huh

He can be so cold-blooded
Colorblind when he bang
High [thugged?]
Black and white appetite
Blood dripping from his fangs
You can see it, synestegic
Broke the microphone
Go and get this bitch a cane
[?] minutes minutes [?] cane
For the popo
Strawin’ that bitch’s neck
Sippin’ her like a margarita made out of arterias
I’m oughta eat her
Deeper than a [?] pizza from Chicago, nigga
Werewolf got [Jasper?] graphics in his hairdo, ow
Devil can’t handle any curses
I went to Halloween as a vaccinated person

Boo, bеware the niggas from the wеst
Might scare nigga to death, bless
Might just impair a nigga for wreck
Why not? Do noob sinot
On a nigga [?]
Turn his ass into a cyclops
Pull a high top on his high top
Keep trying, that other eye is gon’ get blinder than I got
They say they don’t like cops
They lying
If I pull up with the .9
They gon’ be on the line for the swine like it’s IHOP
You’re really in a bind op
I’m Frankenstein with the mind, top gun
Mind of a pilot, climb [?] and start flying
Shiny and [?]
Fine for thirty-nine
Look at all of this rhyming that I got
Undermining the [?] plots to overthrow
Close the blinds on the Mayback and rode

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